The Right ERP is as Important as the Right Partner. It Helps You Build Your Empire.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.”
-Abraham Maslow

I believe that everyone would love to be able to have growing business as well as living the live they want. But unfortunately, most business people fail to do that. They get trapped in their daily busy ding repetitive–fire fighting-low value added activity such as:

  1. Multiple data entry
  2. Siloed data
  3. In-efficient inter-departmental workflow
  4. Dispute and bottleneck in operational or supply chain process
  5. Time and energy consuming approval and business monitoring

If you are saying yes to 2 of previous point, consider it’s a good thing… 😉

It’s why you’re considering ERP.

These systems can automate and integrate business processes and make managing your business more efficient and profitable.

The idea behind ERP is to help larger organizations become more agile, efficient, and make data driven decisions that result in better business outcomes. The data compiled in an ERP system is often presented in a dashboard that decision makers can use to monitor and manage their businesses in real time.

A properly implemented ERP will help you connect all the task, transaction and department in your company and automatically integrate them to create a real-time strategic report for the management, regularly.



ERP software can increase your company’s profitability by:

  • Cutting down unnecessary task by automating certain job functions
  • Securing all company data in a single integrated database
  • Creating a real-time helicopter view of company dashboard
  • Providing real-time business detail for deeper analytic and risk management
  • Eliminating bottle neck and operational dispute

4 parameter to find the right ERP for your company


  1. Accessibility

    Makes sure that your ERP will support your mobile lifestyle, so it is important to have an ERP that is not only accessible from the web browser, but also through your mobile apps. Some ERP are now equipped with a mobile apps to allow the management level to keep monitoring and giving approval wherever your are.

  2. Integration, Customization & Configuration

    Since ERP will be the core system in the company, it is crucial to makes sure that it will be able to be configured easily, and customized to meet any specific business requirement of your company, even if it includes integrating the ERP to any 3rd party software or system.

  3. Local Partners Experience

    People say that finding the right ERP partner is as important as looking for a spouse. You’d better be sure you’ll get along since you’re in it for the long haul barring a costly and bitter divorce. The right ERP partner will give you a better experience along the implementation process, since experienced partner will be able to have a solid implementation strategy while managing any changes occur in the middle of implementation process. This is very important to makes sure that the ERP will be implemented smoothly and giving a positive enforcement for your team to start using the ERP.

  4. Post-Sales Support

    Post Sales Support includes on-site and off-site support for your company team if any problem occur, as well as keep giving you regular system enhancement and feedback, to keep you updated with the latest technology available in the industry.

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